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ASUS ZenBook Duo

Official Video of ASUS ZenBook Duo (Source: ASUS)

 The most unusual laptops, though it’s hard to even call it a laptop because it’s unlike anything else that’s on the market. A dual-screen laptop called “ZenBook Duo” by ASUS seems to be curious how it all works together. It doesn’t sound odd if we called it, the laptop of tomorrow.

What sets apart

– Ergonomic Screen Pad Plus (Enhance dual screen productivity)

– Up to 40% faster CPU Performance (In cinebench R20compared to 15W laptop CPU)

– High Capacity 70wh Battery (Up to 17 hours battery life)

– Nano-Edge Display (93% screen to body ratio)

– Eye Protection (TUV Rhineland certified flicker free)

– Thunderbolt 4 USB (40 GB ultra-fast connectivity)

– Stylus Support (Precise input 4096 pressure levels)

-ASUS Wi-Fi Master Premium (Smart connect, Wi-Fi stabilizer)

Laptop Specifications


This product is quite slim and quite light for what it has inside the package. A stand that fits in the back of the laptop provides an adjacent comfort angle when you are typing, which also comes with the package. Moreover, 3 thunderbolt USB slots, HDMI port, and SD-card slot.

Screen Flexibility

It has a nice little 65Watt compact power brick and it terminates in type C. So when you open the device, besides just simply folding it back you also lifting the secondary screen to put it at a comfortable angle for your view. Furthermore, you are also boosting up the bottom side of the laptop. It creates even more angles than the screen achieving on its own.

Speakers & Trackpad

The secondary display hides a number of speaker grills underneath it. The company has put the trackpad over the right-hand side and brought the keyboard all the way down where you would have in most cases external keyboard, which is kind of cool!

The trackpad sort of in portrait mode, once you used it you recognized that it maps accordingly.  So you forget the fact that that’s the way the trackpad is laid out. Before booting this up is that finish of display actually both of them I order to match its kind of has a matte finish than we used to see. By using a secondary display, you can access quick launch applications also.


ASUS ZenBook duo features a chassis and lid made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. 11th Generation Intel core i7 and core i5 processors are equipped by it. Each model support up to 32 gigs of memory, 1 Terabyte PCI-E 3.0 NVMESSD. This unusual hinge is called “Active Aerodynamic System Hinge Design”.

Secondary Display

ASUS ZenBook Duo laptop.

The lower portion where the main screen cuts off and your next one begins creating a more seamless transition when dragging things between the two displays. As compared to the panel consumption of other laptops panel is 1 Watt at 150 nits, which is 50% low. It means if you need to conserve battery life you got to do toggle brightness down to only 1 watt of power.

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