Supply Chain Services

The power of doggedly, persistent people

Putting prized nugs into containers. It’s a hands-on skill and takes expert attention to detail and experience to do this right. Our crew meticulously put over 3.3 million grams in cans, cones, bags and jars over the past few years. Keep in mind it’s an intimate crew who have worked together as a team.

Dogged persistence in quality control comes from a crew that works together day in, day out, perfecting their methods. Developing a keen eye for the best array of nugs in a container is an art and requires skill gained through experience. This ultimately appears in the perfection of your product packaging, ensuring everything is just right.

Relationships and Flexibility

Relationships matter more than usual in the cannabis industry where, due to regulations and the nature of agriculture, things can go sideways. Often without much notice. The strength of the relationship you have with us is important— abrupt adjustments to schedules or processes may be needed to keep your job on track.

Why Mercy packaging?

Hands On • Expert Attention To Detail • Experience

Services Offered

Packaged eighths and quarters in hermetically sealed cans with Nitrogen.
Packaged eighths and quarters in glass jars and mylar bags.
Packaged half ounces and ounces in heat sealed mylar bags.
Packaged grams in heat sealed mylar bags.

** Nitrogen sealed cans preserve flower 5X longer than the traditional glass.

BCC #C11-0000910-LIC

For Inquiries please contact Brandon Levine:


$1.00 – $1.10 per jar (labor only)

$2.10 per can, price includes: Cans, pull tab, CA compliant lid, label, and COA stickers included.

Mylar Bags: $1.00 – $1.10 per bag (labor only)

Inquire with sales team.

The Crew

Bryanne Baldry, Compliance Manager

Bryanne, Compliance Manager at Mercy since 2019. She says about our customers, “It is a privilege to be trusted with their flower…Our team takes great pride in our combined effort to exceed expectations”. It’s that team spirit and careful attention to detail that Bryanne contributes. Her experience in cannabis from purchasing through compliance adds to the collective spirit of “get it done” at Mercy.

Kyle Monday, Production Manager

Kyle’s cannabis career spans 20 years. His most recent service finds him leading the Mercy packaging team. “Working with cannabis is a passion of mine. It’s not just a job for me, it’s a way of life.” Kyle guides his team through the daily rituals that have become quality standards. He keeps in mind as he performs his work all the people who are going to find joy in the products he packs for them.