Welcome to Parent Coach Miami!

A “School for Parents” where I invite mothers and fathers to reflect on the most important job of their lives: raising their children. I encourage parents to learn and grow until they feel proud of their improvements at home.

Are you struggling with discipline, feeling stress or frustration raising your children?
Learn how to handle daily conflicts at home. I will teach you more effective behaviors that may be missing in your current repertoire.
Are you satisfied with your parenting skills, but you want to learn more?
Set new goals as a parent and enjoy even more your family life. I will teach you how to become the loving leader your children need.
Are you a young parent curious about what lies ahead?
Prepare yourself and prevent so many common mistakes! I will show you how to become a calm, confident and unconditionally loving parent.

Our Mission

To reaffirm in parents the confidence and enthusiasm required to raise children of all ages

Pepa, To be Honest, Once you start I've even gotten hooked on our talks !!! They give me energy to continue and it relieves me to share adventures with our little ones. Above all, I am glad I took the reins on time and I feel much better because the truth is that it works!"

Testimonial of Pilar, mother of three children.

One-to-One Coaching

Admitting that parenting is not everything that we had imagined may be the first step to getting it right!

During my coaching sessions I will attend to your concerns and needs in a personalized way because you are a unique parent, and your child is unique too. Generally, I recommend parent to meet a minimum of four times. I meet with you to identify the problems in question, to devise problem solving strategies, and to monitor progress until the problem is solved. My advice is clear, easy to implement and will have a direct impact on the lives of the entire family.

Parent coaching is not therapy. Parent coaching simply assumes that parenting involves skills that can be taught, learned, and improved upon with dedicated practice. I work with parents; I do not work directly with children. I will not work with parents of a child when either the child or the child is currently working with a mental health professional.

Parenting Talks

I also offer parenting talks for groups of parents. My parenting talks provide an opportunity to reflect upon and learn about the topics that parents care about. You can book me for your school, community, or parish. We can focus the talk on the parenting topics that are most important to you. For example, I have conducted workshops covering topics such as: discipline, effective communication, the uses of consequences and rewards, emotional intelligence, the different roles that parents play, the challenges of raising children in a foreign country, the toddler years, tantrums, homework hassles, boundaries with children, teaching children how to get along, the power of words, and much more. Please contact me to discuss topic and availability.


"Dear Pepa, thank you for sharing your valuable vision with us; It has been a pleasure interacting with you! It has been refreshing to hear your perspective on the importance of understanding our role as parents and learning about the different stages and the importance of being in tune with them. See how the following classes connected with the first. Leadership, effective communication, limits, consequences and rewards, and fostering empathy have helped shape and sharpen our knowledge." Thanks again

Janet & Kevin